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Membership Matters

Last winter, our family joined the YMCA here in Dover. We joined for the benefits that the Y provides. The weight room, the indoor/outdoor pools, the children’s sports and the list can go on. We both enjoy the fellowship that … Continue reading

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Why I Love VBS…

Originally posted on Exiled Community:
Hope United Methodist Church, where I pastor, just finished a four day Vacation Bible School last night.  We had a great time!  There is a lot of planning and work that goes into VBS. Ask…

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You Are What You Eat (Spiritually, too!)

As I get older, I am trying to eat better and live a more healthy life. This means I can no longer consume Mountain Dew like it was oxygen or eat pizza three times a day. I’ve been cutting my … Continue reading

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Pray Like Jesus: Give Us This Day

In our series, “Pray Like Jesus” we have been breaking down the phrases of The Lord’s Prayer and seeking to understand how we can move beyond saying/praying these lines to living out the model prayer that Jesus gives us. You … Continue reading

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Pray Like Jesus: Your Kingdom Come

In week two of our series, “Pray Like Jesus,” we looked at the phrase “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” The Kingdom is a phrase that is central to what God is doing from Genesis to … Continue reading

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Pray Like Jesus: Our Father in Heaven

  A few weeks ago- we began a series on The Lord’s Prayer called, “Pray Like Jesus.” In the first week, we looked at the phrase “Our Father in Heaven” as a starting point- and subsequently will look at the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Habits for Ordinary People: Study

This past Sunday, we talked about the Spiritual Habit (or Discipline) of Study. Having a Church on a college campus- study isn’t the habit that many are eager to jump into because of the study that is done throughout the … Continue reading

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