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I Believe Black Lives Matter

The past year has been quite unsettling in the area of race relationships. I’ve lost count of the videos of African-American individuals gunned down and caught on film. They have been shocking. The discrepancy of sentencing of white perpetrators versus … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat (Spiritually, too!)

As I get older, I am trying to eat better and live a more healthy life. This means I can no longer consume Mountain Dew like it was oxygen or eat pizza three times a day. I’ve been cutting my … Continue reading

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Pray Like Jesus: Living Forgiveness

On Sunday, we continued our series on The Lord’s Prayer called “Pray Like Jesus” by looking at the phrase “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Forgiveness is central to the Biblical narrative. Jesus died on the cross, … Continue reading

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Thoughts From The Nye On Hamm Debate

While this is entirely too late to be current, I found the Ken Hamm-Bill Nye “debate” to be a waste of time. There was little debate as both men just continued to state their position and had little interaction with … Continue reading

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Eugene Peterson and the Family Meal

I’ve been slowing reading Eugene Peterson’s book, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, during my devotional time. This week, I read a passage and idea in his book that I’ve been thinking about ever since. Peterson is writing about the … Continue reading

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The Absence of God

I’ve been reading Eugene Peterson’s book, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, very slowly this Fall. The other day I came across a line that has been on my heart and mind ever since. He writes, “The story in which God … Continue reading

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Bring It Back to Jesus: Eddie DeGarmo Interview

I was reading the latest issue of Worship Leader magazine this morning- and in it was an interview with Eddie DeGarmo who is the president of Capitol CMG Publishing who has a roster including Kirk Franklin, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, … Continue reading

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