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You Are What You Eat (Spiritually, too!)

As I get older, I am trying to eat better and live a more healthy life. This means I can no longer consume Mountain Dew like it was oxygen or eat pizza three times a day. I’ve been cutting my … Continue reading

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Shine Like Stars

I’m really good at grumbling. Honestly, in some ways I might excel at grumbling. I do pretty good at arguing, too- but not as good as complaining. This is a problem because in Philippians 2:14-16, Paul writes to the believers … Continue reading

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Humility in The United Methodist Church

I’ve been preaching through Paul’s letter to the believers at Philippi and have several times stopped to shake my head at how appropriate and timely his words are now for my life, my church, and my denomination (The United Methodist … Continue reading

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Keeping Things In Perspective

Did you see this tweet from ESPN’s Pedro Gomez at the end of last week? It’s a picture of David Ross, catcher for the Atlanta Braves, overseeing a race with his two children shortly after the Braves loss to the … Continue reading

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