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Flags, Anthems, Trees, and Forests

I attended seminary in Philadelphia. It was a lot different experience than growing up in rural Western Pennsylvania or attending college in rural Kentucky. I can remember sitting in a ‘touchy-feely’ class, where we would share our experiences and how … Continue reading

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Speaking Truth to Empires

I have been reading a lot of NT Wright lately (How God Became King and The Day the Revolution Began). There is a passage in HGBK that seems to speak to our role as Christians today when it comes to … Continue reading

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I Believe Black Lives Matter

The past year has been quite unsettling in the area of race relationships. I’ve lost count of the videos of African-American individuals gunned down and caught on film. They have been shocking. The discrepancy of sentencing of white perpetrators versus … Continue reading

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Colin Kaepernick and the Future of Freedom

Because I’m far and few between in actually writing post, you likely are well aware of the protest by Colin Kaepernick (and other athletes) during the National Anthem and the backlash it has created. It certainly brings up a lot … Continue reading

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Peyton Manning Leadership School: Be Prepared

Peyton Manning provided another important lesson of leadership during last night’s 41-17 drubbing of the Oakland Raiders. It is this: Be Prepared. Towards the end of the 3rd Quarter with the Broncos up big, it appears that 2nd string QB … Continue reading

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Death With Dignity

By now you’ve likely read an article or saw a news story about Brittany Maynard- a 29 year old US woman who has terminal brain cancer. Brittany has made a decision to end her life on November 1st through a … Continue reading

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Can We Talk About Demons?

Like many, I have been appalled at the story out of Wisconsin about the two 12 year old girls accused of attempting to murder their “friend.” Murder is shocking. Murder by teenagers is more shocking. Premeditated (attempted) murder by two … Continue reading

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