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Advent: The Christ Candle

*A week or so late, but I wanted to post.* Over the past four weeks, we have been in the season of Advent. Advent is not a countdown to Christmas, but a season of waiting, expectation, and self-examination as we … Continue reading

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God Breaks Through

Growing up I was always filled with amazement on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. There was a near palpable difference in the atmosphere that night and morning.I remember one Christmas Eve where it was so cold that the power lines … Continue reading

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Why We Cancelled Worship on Christmas

Our church cancelled worship on Christmas Day. (Just hold your rocks for a moment.) I have seen post from clergy colleagues on my denominations Facebook pages who are completely amazed that anyone would consider cancelling services on Christmas Day. Gospel … Continue reading

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Vintage Christmas: Sharing the Joy of Christmas

I love the Youtube video of the N64 Kids. The brother and sister are overflowing with joy as they received an N64 for Christmas. They rejoiced over this gift. If you have ever given a gift, this is one of … Continue reading

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Vintage Christmas Playlist: Anticipation of Hope

This Sunday at Hope/Magnolia Church we began our Advent Series entitled: A Vintage Christmas Playlist. We’ll be looking at four songs in the birth narratives of Jesus. This Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, our text was Mary’s Song found … Continue reading

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To Carol or Not to Carol

This past Sunday, we hosted an old-fashioned Pastor’s Christmas Open House at our place where 50 people from both of our churches gathered for a few hours of cookies and conversation. We had a blast hosting everyone as we really … Continue reading

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Awkward Family Christmas: Pt. 1

Yesterday, at Hope and Magnolia churches, we began a new series called “Awkward Family Christmas.” On the Sunday’s leading up to Christmas, we’ll be looking at some of the people in Jesus’ genealogy found in Matthew 1 and consider the … Continue reading

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