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Blogging Through James: Choose Joy

Our team at Avenue Church is preaching through the letter of James. There is always more content than can make it in the sermon. I will be regularly blogging through the book of James as a way to go deeper. … Continue reading

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Joy- The Third Sunday of Advent

(A brief reading I wrote for worship this past Sunday as we lit the third Advent Candle) Advent Week 3: Joy ¬†On the first week of Advent, we lit the candle of Faith as we put our trust in God … Continue reading

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Finding Joy in God’s Presence

One of the lessons I remember from my days as a teenager in Youth Group in Sheakleyville United Methodist Church was learning about the attributes of God. I can remember sitting on the chancel steps as Pastor Gary taught us … Continue reading

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Vintage Christmas: Sharing the Joy of Christmas

I love the Youtube video of the N64 Kids. The brother and sister are overflowing with joy as they received an N64 for Christmas. They rejoiced over this gift. If you have ever given a gift, this is one of … Continue reading

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Marriage Isn’t For You: A Response

It’s possible that you’ve already read Seth Adams Smith’s blog post, Marriage Isn’t For You. I cannot look down my Facebook feed without seeing someone “liking” it or commenting on it. I think he gets it wrong. To be fair, … Continue reading

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