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Why We Cancelled Worship on Christmas

Our church cancelled worship on Christmas Day. (Just hold your rocks for a moment.) I have seen post from clergy colleagues on my denominations Facebook pages who are completely amazed that anyone would consider cancelling services on Christmas Day. Gospel … Continue reading

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Pastor Confession

It’s time for a pastor confession… …I like shiny things. Whether it’s a new gadget, music, or something else, there is something that lures me in. I wrestle with this in ministry as well. I have a pull to want … Continue reading

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Worship Leader Magazine and Diversity

I’ve been a subscriber to Worship Leader magazine (www.worshipleader.com) for several years between two churches and have found the content helpful as I think about worship- and especially leading worship from a musical standpoint. Many of the authors, such as … Continue reading

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Worship Is More Than Singing and Sermons

Don Miller wrote a post yesterday about his experience in corporate worship that has left me thinking. In the post (read it here) he writes that “I don’t worship God by singing.” He also says that he is nearly alone … Continue reading

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