Pastor Confession

It’s time for a pastor confession…

…I like shiny things.

Whether it’s a new gadget, music, or something else, there is something that lures me in.

I wrestle with this in ministry as well. I have a pull to want worship to be shiny, new, attractive, and cutting edge. If it were up to me, especially a few years ago, I would have a Chris Tomlin/Hillsong United kind of band leading worship (probably scoring a lot of points on Jon Acuff’s metrosexual worship leader scale). Worship would feature slick transitions and great visuals.

My struggle is that while sounding good (and even looking good) is not wrong- I want to be authentic.

Our family attended a church this summer while on vacation. It was our third summer visiting the church. (In fact, when the pastor greeted us he asked, “Aren’t you the family that comes once a year while on vacation?”  My response- “Yes we are!”) When the service began, the worship team was your somewhat typical 20-something hipster dress. The keyboardist/worship leader wore a hat that I could never wear. There were sound problems. The segues weren’t smooth (in fact, there weren’t any, really). But worship that day was moving- because it was authentic. It was a bit messy. It was hopeful. It was seeking Jesus.

As we begin our Fall season of ministry at Hope and Magnolia church, I want to be authentic in worship- in joy, mourning, brokenness, and laughter. I hope that you’ll join me (wherever you worship) in a deep hunger for God to move in our lives.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor of Orchard Church in Magnolia, Delaware. Elder in the Pen-Del Conference.
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