Praying for Peace in Syria


I know that I am not the only person appalled at the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria against their own people. This breaks international laws “regulating” warfare (which sounds strange- but that is essentially what it is) and certainly crosses a line of some sort when it comes to conflict. I am of the conviction that something needs to, and should be done in Syria. I believe that the world has the opportunity to respond in a convincing and united way to end the conflict in Syria- and stem the use of chemical weapons.

Unfortunately, that does not seem like it is going to happen- peacefully anyway.

Today, Congress is debating the use of military force to take out the delivery systems of chemical weapons in Syria. And while I abhor the use of chemical weapons, it is equally concerning that the only response that seems to be discussed is a military one. Where is the political pressure on Syria? Where is the pressure on Russia and Iran who have been supporters of the regime in Syria? Where is the pressure on The United Nations and other global leaders for a lack of involvement in what is going on in Syria? There has got to be non-military ways to work towards a peaceful resolution in Syria.

I am concerned because violence begets violence. Syria is in the midst of a war. If our response is to add to the violence- what will happen? Iran has already threatened a military response if we (or Israel) attacks Syria. Where does the cycle of violence end?

The end of the cycle of violence in Syria begins when we lift this crisis to God in prayer. Pope Francis has called for a Day of Fasting and Prayer on Saturday, September 7th. I will be joining other Christians that day, fasting and praying for our leaders and decision makers; for the people in positions of influence in Syria and in the other countries involved. Whether you are part of my church, or a reader of this blog, I want to encourage you to commit to fasting and praying this Saturday.

We can often look at a situation like what is happening in Syria and wonder what we can do about it. The situation seems so big and out of our hands. And that is true. What we can do as believers is to pray to God- for all the world is in His hands.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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