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Excluding Jesus

Our oldest daughter, Abbie, spent one year in pre-school before moving on to Kindergarten. Her preschool was not a typical preschool experience. Our school district has a county wide school for children with special needs. It’s a school where my … Continue reading

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Praying Through the News

The other day, I had the evening news on. The kids were home, so the evening news on the TV is worse than not having the TV on. Abbie, our oldest, asks, “Why do you watch the news?” There are … Continue reading

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A Child’s Prayer

The other night at dinner our eldest daughter, Abbie, prayed this line as part of her dinner blessing- “Help us to be proactive in loving our neighbors.” I was caught off-guard for a few reasons. First, that she used proactive … Continue reading

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Adoption Update: The Home Stretch

We are at the point where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and begin to really think about returning home. Andrea completed the paperwork this afternoon for our consulate appointment on Monday. We should receive … Continue reading

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Thinking About Death (and Resurrection)

I spent part of the weekend at our local hospice facility with a family who ultimate lost a husband, father, and grandfather. It was sad, gut wrenching, and sacred at the same time as we shared prayers, stories, tears. Which … Continue reading

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What Five Years of Fatherhood Has Taught Me

Our oldest daughter, Abbie, turned five last week. Like many parents, I wonder where time has gone.  We’ve since added Chloe Grace to the mix- and I am now outnumbered 3-1 by females (you can pray for me!).  At any … Continue reading

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