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Best Of??

**Updated @ 3:50- I changed the link below. It should work now! I was bored the other day in front of my computer and I was looking at some statistical data for the blog…more specifically, I was checking out sites … Continue reading

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It’s Potty Time!

For a month or 2 now, Abbie has been really interested in the potty. In fact, she loves sitting on the potty. So when she wants up on the potty, we let her get up there…hoping she’ll go potty and … Continue reading

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The Wal-Mart Blessing…

On Friday, I experienced a true blessing from Wal-Mart…I truly got more than I paid for. I was finishing painting our addition and I needed a couple more items to complete the project. I purchased some edging pads which come … Continue reading

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Inauguration Day Randomness

Happy Inauguration Day to everyone! It’s as good as any day to make a random catch up post, which is mostly what I have been doing since Greek started almost four weeks ago. First, thanks to everyone who asked about … Continue reading

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Yawning Before Staff Planning

I have a staff planning meeting in a couple of minutes. It’s too short of time to get any work done, so I’ll just make a quick post. Have you ever wondered why we yawn? Scientist evidently do. There are … Continue reading

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Winter Driving

Sports Illustrated’s website had this featured as it’s video of the day. Watch the cars slide down the hill and play pinball with the other cars. Especially is the camera man yelling “heads up” as another car slides down the … Continue reading

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The Catch Up Blog

I usually write up a blog on Monday, which I didn’t do because of a 3 day staff training in Rehoboth Beach and now I am in seminary. I thought that I would just post a few quick thoughts as … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Thirty

Tomorrow has the potential to be a rough day. It is my 30th birthday. None of my birthdays in my 20’s carried as much weight as this one. While I am certainly not entertaining the notion of jumping off a … Continue reading

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Rob Bell Interview

Actually, I don’t interview Rob Bell. It would be cool, but I don’t have that kind of influence that I could call Rob up and interview him. So Rob has come out with a new book, Jesus Wants to Save … Continue reading

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2 Steps Back

Natalie Dylan to sell virginity to pay for school: This past week, a story came out about a San Diego college student who is willing to sell her virginity to help pay for her education. Natalie received a Bachelor degree … Continue reading

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