Inauguration Day Randomness

Happy Inauguration Day to everyone! It’s as good as any day to make a random catch up post, which is mostly what I have been doing since Greek started almost four weeks ago.

  • First, thanks to everyone who asked about my hand. It is/was broken, and I waited almost 2 weeks to see a doctor. Thankfully the bone is set correctly, and so far, I have not needed a cast. I go back on Thursday to see if everything is still alright. Other than taping it, I can do pretty much anything I want with it (including typing!).
  • There are three more days of Greek class left. It has been a positive experience, which is good because it is a required class. Hopefully I will be able to finish strong on the final three days.
  • We ended class early today to watch the Inauguration of Barrack Obama. I will admit being excited about Obama in office. I believe that there needed to be a change of direction in the White House and in our government. I know that one person cannot change everything, but I am praying the Obama can be a catalyst of change and can inspire the American people and the world. We can often get a messiah-complex when we talk about our leaders, and I know Obama will not save us from anything. I pray that he will use wisdom while in office. I am committed to praying for him and the other leaders of our country.
  • Ironically, Obama’s Inaugural Address sounded a lot like a George W. Bush State of the Union speech. Obama talked about fighting against evil and ones who use terror, and how America will win that battle. He said that America is strong and that we’ll overcome the obstacles in our path. There must be a template for all major presidential speeches. I know there are speech writers who get paid a lot of money for those things, but at times I would like to see a President speak from the heart rather than the teleprompter.
  • I thought, on first listen, that Rick Warren gave an excellent invocation prayer. I know the liberals weren’t thrilled about Warren giving the invocation, but I think Warren can be a positive voice/counselor for the President on certain matters. One of them, I hope, is the continuation of the AIDS Initiatives in Africa that George W. Bush began. I did read (although I can’t provide a link) that Obama would like to continue that program, but with the economy in the toilet, one wonders which programs will get cut first.
  • I watched the Inauguration (I have no clue if I am spelling this right) at Palmer Seminary, which is located south of Philadelphia and situated between the rich Main Line and a much, much, much poorer section of Philly. Many of my classmates are African-American and it was exciting to witness history being made with them. I think at least one classmate from my Greek class traveled to Washington to witness the events for herself.
  • While they flubbed the Oath of Office a little, I enjoyed seeing Obama smile/laugh a little when he and the Chief Justice had a little difficulty. It was better than the stoic/presidential face.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor of Orchard Church in Magnolia, Delaware. Elder in the Pen-Del Conference.
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