Interesting Friday Night

Andrea and I went out together on Friday evening, thanks to babysitting extraordinaire Carey Phalen. We had dinner at home with the little munchkin and then headed down to the beach. Our plan was to catch a movie and then go to TGIFridays for dessert. We ended up seeing Bride Wars since we missed the beginning of Defiance. Here are a few things learned from the evening.

  • For you soon to be brides, don’t let your wedding get scheduled on the same day and place as your best friend. Evidently bad things happen. Bad things, man.
  • Kate Hudson evidently just agrees to act in one kind of movie. Granted, she nails the part every time, but I can’t think of a Kate Hudson movie other than one from the romantic comedy genre. Can you? I know I could look it up on IMDB, but it must not have been memorable if I can’t remember it.
  • Movies filled with middle school and high school students really aren’t that enjoyable. Yes, I have been youth pastor and really love these students, but last nights movie must have had 40 students sitting in a group. As the movie went on they just got louder. I wanted to throw my tub of popcorn at them because the tallest guy in the group was still pre-puberty and a foot and a half shorter than me.
  • The students noise wouldn’t have been so bad if it was because of the movie. When I saw Dark Night and Indiana Jones, there was cheering and emotion because of the movie. This noise was more along the lines of answeing cell phones and asking for lip gloss.
  • As Andrea and I got out at Friday’s, a mob of people where working their way to the door. At first it looked like a drunken conga line, but then I realized it was a brawl. A real brawl at TGIFriday’s! We quickly turned around to leave, but before we did we heard it was a server who got fired and her boyfriend being forcefully escorted out of the restaraunt. We went to Applebees.

That was our date night. After a month away (but home on weekends) it was nice to spend a night together!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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1 Response to Interesting Friday Night

  1. Joni says:

    You’ll have a story and memories to look back on some day and laugh I’m sure.I can’t believe there was a BRAWL at TGIFriday’s! That’s too funny! Applebee’s dessert sounds yummy!Glad you had a chance to go out!!! 🙂

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