The Right Choice

On Saturday, like many of you, I heard the tragic news of Kansas City Chief’s Javon Belcher killing his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself at the Chief’s facility in front of his coach and GM. I cannot imagine the horror and sadness the Chief’s organization, Belcher’s family, and the family of Kassandra Perkins is going through right now. I have no insight on the why’s of the matter- but one thing that happened caught my attention.

I thought the Chief’s made the right decision in having a moment of silence, not for Belcher- but for all victims of domestic abuse. This was a classy move by the organization.

In my own ministry, I have met with 3-4 victims of domestic abuse that I know of. Their stories are gut wrenching and the fear that they feel is something I hope to never experienced. It is discouraging to hear of some of the “hoops” that victims have to go through to get help legally in the systems we have in place.

The Church is in a unique place- and has always been called to champion and advocate for the most vulnerable and voiceless people in our society (James 1:27). While we may not be able to solve the macro problem of Domestic Violence- we can make a difference one life, one story at a time. We can offer the hope that comes from being part of a community of grace, peace, and restoration.


About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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