5 Reasons To Be Excited About LIFEgroups

Hope Church will be launching LIFEgroups in September as the foundation of our disciple-making process. LIFEgroups are small communities of people who regularly gather for study, fellowship, prayer, and service as part of Hope Church. As we prepare for LIFEgroups- I want to share with you 5 reasons to be excited about LIFEgroups.

5. Guacamole Taste Better With Prayer– One of the best components of a LIFEgroup is the relationships that you have the opportunity to build. LIFEgroups give you the opportunity to connect in a relationship with others who share interest- and share a desire to grow in their faith. As your group grows, guacamole becomes secondary to living life together!

4. It’s Time To Do Something For You- How often do you do something for you? If you’re like me, I’m keyed into helping other people and rarely take/make time for myself. A LIFEgroup is designed to help you grow in your faith. It’s designed to help you find others who are on a similar journey to encourage and cheer you on in that journey.

3. Life Is Best Experienced In Community- While a LIFEgroup is designed to help you grow in your faith- it’s also designed to help you live life in community. A LIFEgroup will cheer you on in your successes, mourn together when appropriate, and encourage each other through the trials of life. You’ll read and study the Bible together- and you won’t have to wonder alone what it means- as you’ll have dialogue around a passages meaning and the best way to apply it to our lives. We are designed for relationships with God and with others- a LIFEgroup makes time for those relationships to develop.

2. Adult Conversation- If you have children at home, you don’t need any other explanation. If you have yet to have children- or never have- then bless a parent by engaging them in a conversation about something other than t-ball, poop, princesses, dinosaurs, or sleepless nights.

1.Growing and Living Your Faith LIFEgroups will give you an environment to engage the Bible is ways you may not have done before. It will provide opportunities to grow in prayer and in faith as you relate with God and your fellow LIFEgroup members. It will also create opportunities to live out your faith as each LIFEgroup will have a service component to it. It will be a chance to get out in the community and to love our neighbors as God loves us.

Interested in getting involved in a LIFEgroup? You can contact me through email(hopeumc(at)gmail.com) or sign up at church!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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