Life Groups Coming to Hope

I wanted to take a moment to share about the vision for Life Groups at Hope Church.  We’ve streamlined our Disciple-making process to three steps where anyone can know how to begin the discipleship journey at Hope.  First, we want every believer/seeker/member to be committed to be in worship on a weekly basis. Worship is our time to celebrate and worship God for the ministry that has taken place during the week- and the ways in which God is teaching us. Second, we want every person to be in a Life Group. Our Life Groups will become our most important part of our church as we grow and mature in our faith.  Thirdly, we want everyone to serve (both in and outside the church).

Again, what is a Life Group?

While there are similarities to a Bible Study, small group, or cell group- the emphasis in a Life Group is that it is a group of people doing life together (not life in prison though!).  In a Life Group at Hope Church- our vision is to have groups of people who will gather for prayer, Bible Study, and service- but also are intentional about building relationships with each other through meals, recreational outings, etc.  Our hope is that this will become more than just a midweek Bible study- but the group of people that you turn to when a parent passes away, or your child is giving you a hard time and you’re out of ideas how to handle it, or when you need prayer.  It’s a group that you look forward to going to because you sharpen each others faith and challenge each other to follow wherever Jesus leads.

In September/October when our Life Groups begin, we will all be experiencing the same study as a congregation- but then each Life Group Leader (and group) will choose what to study next. Periodically, we’ll engage in other church-wide studies to grow our faith. That said, Life Groups at Hope Church will be our primary building block of fellowship, service, and pastoral care as groups of people live life together.

Sign ups for Life Groups begin on Sunday, September 2nd and groups will begin meeting during the first week of October.  Get plugged in!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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