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Praying Through the News

The other day, I had the evening news on. The kids were home, so the evening news on the TV is worse than not having the TV on. Abbie, our oldest, asks, “Why do you watch the news?” There are … Continue reading

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Sweat Equity and Miracles

I am reading Mark Patterson’s book, The Grave Robber, which takes a look at Jesus’ miracles or “signs” in the Gospel of John. The tagline of the book gives away the purpose of Batterson writing: “How Jesus can make your impossible possible.” … Continue reading

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A Message For A Wedding Day

  This past Saturday I had the honor of officiating the wedding of my sister-in-law, Marci, to my new brother-in-law, Darryl. It was a great day! The couple picked out a scripture from Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs- … Continue reading

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Thoughts From The Nye On Hamm Debate

While this is entirely too late to be current, I found the Ken Hamm-Bill Nye “debate” to be a waste of time. There was little debate as both men just continued to state their position and had little interaction with … Continue reading

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Arcade Fire and the Wedding Banquet

I read two brief articles (here and here) this morning that the band Arcade Fire is making it mandatory for concert goers to wear “formal attire or a costume” to their shows. You can go on their twitter page (@arcadefire) … Continue reading

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No Person is Incognito

I have been following the controversy down in Miami where Richie Incognito is accused of bullying fellow offensive linemen, Jonathan Martin- reportedly making him pay for meals, vacation, and using racial slurs on a voicemail. You can read an ESPN … Continue reading

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What does a life of submission look like for a believer? What does it look like to practice a lifestyle of submission. This is the question we sought to answer this past Sunday as we looked at Spiritual Habits (Disciplines) … Continue reading

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The Simple Life

For the past few weeks at Hope Church, we’ve been talking about the need for Christians to develop spiritual habits in our lives in order to grow mature in our faith (read pt.1, pt. 2, pt. 3, and pt. 4). … Continue reading

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Spiritual Habits for Ordinary People: Study

This past Sunday, we talked about the Spiritual Habit (or Discipline) of Study. Having a Church on a college campus- study isn’t the habit that many are eager to jump into because of the study that is done throughout the … Continue reading

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For Such a Time as This

I don’t know about you, but when I watch the news, I can get overwhelmed. There is upheaval and turmoil everywhere you look. We see the effects of sin and the decision of broken people that cause pain and suffering … Continue reading

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