Slow (Pt. 1)

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Life seems to happen at the speed of light sometimes.

Ok, all the time.

We are a family of six and we always seem to have somewhere to be, whether it is ballet, field hockey, soccer, wrestling, school, or youth group. That is just the kids activities. Andrea is a teacher, so she is bringing home work on a regular basis. As a pastor in a mid-sized church, there are always meetings to attend, people to visit, and new opportunities. People have looked at the calendar that hangs on our fridge and wonder how we manage.

In ministry, I know I wrestle with the pull to go 110 mph with the gospel. I also want to sit with Jesus and the people God has called me to serve. Speed vs. Intentionality. Something I began to grasp a little better over the four years of ministry is that healthy ministry might look slower than explosive ministry. This goes for our family life as well. We fight the tension of the activities of four kids versus slowing down and taking it slow.

One of my favorite bands, especially lately, is Starflyer 59. They’ve been around since the mid-90’s and the frontman is a few years older than I am. On their last two albums (Slow and Young in My Head), Jason Martin writes about getting older on several songs. These songs have really resonated with me as I age and think about the pace of life. He writes,

I was hoping a change of pace
Would help me find my way
I’m kinda young, and you’re kinda young
And so we’ll find our place

Leave the house in Riverside
And sell the Odyssey
And become the older ones
Who had the #3

What does it mean?
I keep looking for something that I think I have lost
Can’t find the key
I keep looking for something that I think I have lost

My kids, they grow up fast
I want it slow
So slow

My life goes by so fast
I want it slow
So slow

-Slow (from the Album, Slow)

I want to take several post and talk about what slowing down my look like and how the Bible instructs us to slow down and find a rhythm that runs contrary to the speed of the world.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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