Adoptions Final Push: Last Chance to Get Involved

Last week, we found out that there is a good chance the we will be traveling to China to meet, adopt, and take Malachi home to be part of our family. We are filled with excitement and a whole lot of nervousness. We won’t get final confirmation until about 2 weeks or less before we travel. We have been spending our time getting the house ready (Nursery), and making list of what to pack. (Ok, if you know us, you know that it is Andrea that is making the list!) 

We are in the process of making final arrangements for an Orphanage Donation. This is a donation that we make to Malachi’s orphanage that will help them continue to care for the orphans who will remain there. Our goal for the donation is $5000. Thanks to the generosity of some friends and family, we are about half way to that amount. Some friends and family have shared with us that you wanted to donate but did not have the opportunity to do so when we were raising money for the matching grant. Now is your opportunity.

We will be receiving donations through LifeSong for Orphans that will go towards our donation to the Orphanage. This is not going to our expenses, airline fees, etc- but ongoing care for the children that call the orphanage home. You can give online at Select “Give to an Adoptive Family.” Complete the online form and fill in Account Number with #4189 and Family Name with “LaMotte Family.” Your gift is tax deductible. Because we are so close to our potential travel date- online gifts are best rather than sending a check to the organization.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we prepare to bring Malachi into our family! If you have questions about the process, please feel free to contact me at srlamotte (at) gmail (dot) com.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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