2014 Reading List

The other day my friend and fellow blogger, Josh Gill, posted his reading list for 2014 (you can read it here). This got me thinking about what I plan on reading in 2014. I believe that leaders must be readers if they want to grow in their skills and abilities. This book list is an attempt to hold myself accountable to reading books from a variety of fields. I can be a little scatter shot about what I read thanks to Amazon Prime (so many books!)- but here is a narrowed down list of what I plan on reading in 2014.

Already Reading:

I always seem to have about three books going at the same time. This year is no different. Hopefully, these will be the first three books that I finish in 2014.

  1. John Adams– David McCullough: I watched the mini-series on HBO a few years back so when I found this book at our local library for $2 (It won a Pulitzer Prize) I couldn’t say no! I think if I wasn’t a pastor, I would be teaching history somewhere. So far, 200 pages in with 450 pages to go. Its a great look of how America was born from one of our greatest leaders, John Adams. john-adams

2. The Cost of Discipleship– Dietrich Bonhoeffer: This is a reread, but an important one. Bonhoeffer is brilliant and very challenging in this book. It is a regular reminder of me of God’s grace and what it means to follow Jesus.

3. Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places Eugene Peterson: Another bargain bin pickup. Peterson, who most people know from The Message paraphrase of The Bible, writes about Spiritual Theology. I enjoy Peterson’s style and depth in his writing and have found this book already helpful in my own spiritual life.

Planing to Read:

  1. Raising Adopted Children (Lois Ruskai Melina)/The Connected Child (Karyn B. Purvis): Have you heard that we are adopting? If not, you can read here and here. These are two books that have been recommended to us as we prepare to adopt from China.
  2. The Forgotten Ways (Alan Hirsch) Hirsch is one of my favorite authors when it comes to the missional church. This book is nearly eight years old, but is mentioned over and over again by Hirsch and is foundational for his other writings. I’m reading this book to keep in mind and practice the call for the church (and the Christian) to “go” out into the world in mission and ministry. (Also would like to read “The Permenant Revolution by Alan Hirsch)
  3. The Case For The Psalms– (N.T. Wright) N.T. Wright is one of my favorite Biblical Scholars to read. In this book, he encourages the Church to return to the Psalms as our song book.
  4. Culture Making– (Andy Crouch) This book has been on my reading list for awhile. I have really been thinking and considering the culture that a church and a body of believers can create both inside the walls of the church and out. I’ve heard good things about this book and look forward to reading it.
  5. Interpreting The Parables– (Craig L. Blomberg) This book is split into two sections. The first being more technical about the parables and the study of- the second sections is Blomberg’s study of the parables. I’m praying about teaching Jesus’ parables this summer at Hope Church. This is likely a key resource.
  6. The Catalyst Leader– (Brad Lomenick)- I am not expecting a groundbreaking book- but reading it to sharpen some leadership edges and looking for a resources to use with church and college leaders in ministry.
  7. Move– (Greg L. Hawkins & Cally Parkinson)- Based of a survey on spiritual growth at Willow Creek- I am interested in reading about some of the conclusions about spiritual growth and how to help the disciples in my context to move closer to God.
  8. Confessions– (St. Augustine of Hippo)- A book that every Christian should read at some point. I’ve read it before and have chosen it this year as a devotional classic to read to deepen my own spiritual life.
  9. Deep and Wide– (Andy Stanley) This is a book that I need to finish. This contains some nuts and bolts stories about how North Point Community Church, where Andy Stanley is pastor, became what it is. What I’ve read so far has some useful chapters on creating a church that the unchurched love to attend.
  10. On Writing Well: 30 Anniversary Edition (William Zinsser) This is a well recommended book on writing. One of my goals for 2014 is to submit and have an article published in a magazine. This book, hopefully, will help my tighten up my writing skills.
    On-Writing-WellWhat are you planning on reading in 2014? Have you read any of the books above? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations?

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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2 Responses to 2014 Reading List

  1. Mike Smith says:

    The parables summer series sounds exciting and challenging. We’ll be sure to check out a few. Catch ya later.

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