Responding to the Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

BP finally was able to stop the gushing flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this week.  It is hard to believe that it took this long.  I have been disgusted about what has taken place in the Gulf and some of the reports you hear about how and why the disaster happened- and why it has taken so long to cap the well. 

While I don’t usually stop at BP anyway for gas, I was of the mindset to intentionally boycott BP as a result of the disaster.  In speaking with someone close to me, they urged me to reconsider because of how the boycott would affect the people in our communities who work at the gas stations who have no involvement in the disaster.  That got me thinking about how to respond to the oil spill in the gulf.  Here as some thoughts…

  • First, I don’t have a problem with a boycott, but I am now more sensitive to the gas attendant working at BP trying to make a living who will be affected by such a boycott.  It will likely hurt him/her more than the corporate giant. 
  • I think the real problem lies with our general reliance on oil.   If you want to hurt BP and other corporations of the ilk- stop driving SUV’s, making unnecessary trips…get a more fuel economic car.  Try to use more energy effecient technologies- even if they are more expensive right now.  I do believe that the consumer can urge corporations to expedite new technologies that do not depend on fossil fuels.  But we must let our voice be heard.
  • The problem also lies with our government.  Ok, so you could say that about just about anything.  Why does our government continue to allow drilling in the ocean, nature preserves, etc?  Should we be exploring other options?  The problem is that oil companies will pay big dollars to politicians in order to protect their interest.  Likewise, politicians will take the money to help their interest (re-election).  We need campaign finance reform and limit or eliminate donations from corporations because many of those donations are tied to favors down the road. 

With a three year old, and one on the way, I am concerned about the planet that they will inherit.  How healthy will it be?  How long will the oil residue be found in fish, shellfish, etc.?  How will it affect our health?  We have been placed on this earth as God’s stewards of creation- and in many ways we are not doing a very good job.

Your Turn- Are you boycotting BP? Why or Why not?  What are some other ways to impact BP and other corporations about earth care?

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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1 Response to Responding to the Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

  1. I agree with your friend that my individual (and even with others) boycott of BP will only harm the individual trying to provide for their family. The CEO of BP will never feel the effects.

    Oil, right now, is a necessary evil. Personally I think we ought to drill here, there, and everywhere (in safe ways) but truly look into alternative energy sources. Every politician talks about doing this but we have yet to actually do it. Our gov't (Dems and Repubs) all have ties with the oil giants that need to be broken in order for changes to be made and we, the common people, will feel the effects of it.

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