CD Review: Robbie Seay Band- Miracle

In the world of Christian music, there are two kinds of bands.  The first kind plays the role of cheerleader.  They write songs for the Church that get them fired up about Jesus- sometimes without much theological or artistic depth.  The lyrics are often not challenging and offer more comfort for the listener about their place in the world and the church.  The second kind of band has the unique ability to call the Church and the world to participate in the Kingdom of God.  These bands are prophetic as they call the listener to love God and love their neighbors through the artistry of their lyrics and melody.

The Robbie Seay Band falls in the second category.

Miracle is RSB’s third full length studio release- the most recent was their “Give Yourself Away,” that continues to get considerable play time in the LaMotte family iPod and CD players.  Miracle offers the listener 11 songs of authentic song writing that is longing for the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  The album begins with “Love Invades,” as RSB sings of love breaking through– In the break of day\Night is slowly giving way\Tell the sun to rise

“Awaken My Soul” is an upbeat prayer that says Awaken my soul\Every fear and every dream\Awaken me\I’m letting go, awaken my soul\Awaken my soul.  In “Kingdom and a King” RSB that we are to never wait on the governments to move\As the broken and the poor cry out You. This song is a prophetic call for the Church to head the call of God to care for the fatherless, poor, and widows. 

“Miracle” is the title track of the CD.  RSB sings, Have you ever had a dream\so big no one else could see\But you believed\It was possible to be\. The rest of the song gives several scenarios where someone is waiting on a miracle from God.  This is a great reminder that God is at work regardless of our circumstances

“Your Love is Strong” incorporates the Lord’s Prayer in its petition for God’s stong love to be present.  “We Are Not Alone” is a song that reminds us of the grace that is present in the midst of community- especially the community of believers.  “Lament” is exactly that.  Crying out to God to rescue us from the suffering that exist in the world.  Honestly, we need more songs like “Lament” in our worship vocabulary.  There are many people who will identify with suffering- yet in our modern worship music- there are few songs that cry out to God for rescue.    

Miracle is another excellent release from the Robbie Seay Band.  The music is strong and Seay’s vocals are souful and authentic.  The lyrics are artfully written, full of hope and grace, and never sound tired or worn out.  Go out and pick up Miracle today!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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