An Open Letter to Cameron Strang and Relevant Magazine

Dear Cameron Strang and the good people of Relevant Magazine:

I am one of your subscribers who has journeyed with your magazine since the beginning (Alright, not the complete beginning, maybe issue 2 or 3). I enjoy most of the articles, the music/movie reviews, and of course, slices.  In fact, the slices at is what first caught my attention about the magazine.  As a Christian in his twenties (and now in my very early 30’s), I really appreciate a magazine (and website) that focuses on faith and culture.

I was pretty excited with your recent issue of Relevant Magazine.  This issues is probably my favorite issue in the last year.  I was pumped to read about Owl City and how Adam Young said, “I cling dearly to the hope and joy that is found in Jesus Christ. My faith is a big part of who I am and why I make music.”  It was great to read about Zac Levi and how he is a successful actor in Hollywood while living out his Christian faith.  I was really intrigued to read about his close connection with his pastor and that he has a home church that meets at his house.

My problem with the issue came during the interview with Vampire Weekend.  No, it had nothing to do with vampires and what vampires do on the weekend…but that I didn’t find any real discussion or connection about faith.  This got me thinking about whether a “Christian” magazine should try to incorporate faith into their articles/stories.  Which leads me to my beef lately with Relevant.  Your magazine and website focuses on God, Life and Progressive Culture- and sometimes there seems to be a compartmentalization of these three.  You can print a story about a band (Vampire Weekend) without any discussion about faith.  Because I have grown to look forward to Relevant-  I want more!

I want more because many issues of Relevant begin to look the same.  Some social justice, some bands, some witty slices.  But I want more. I don’t want to read that a band is involved with the ONE campaign.  I want to hear how their faith led them to be invovled with the ONE campaign.  I don’t want a magazine that just scratches the surface- I want to see a Relevant that goes deeper and challenges this generation to go deeper in their faith.

My subscription for Relevant will soon expire. I will have to decide whether to remain- or to look elsewhere. Either way, I wish Relevant the best.

Grace and Peace,

Steve LaMotte

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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1 Response to An Open Letter to Cameron Strang and Relevant Magazine

  1. Thanks for the feedback Steve! I have forwarded your open letter to our content team here at RELEVANT.

    RELEVANT is a labor of love for out team, and our readers are always in mind when we plan for each new issue. If you have any other thoughts you would like to share, please feel free to contact us directly at That way you can ensure that your voice is heard.

    The Team Behind RELEVANT

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