Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and at some point today you’ll likely gather with family and friends to munch on some turkey, cranberry sauce (I prefer the stuff in a can), mashed potatoes with lots of gravy (Andrea doesn’t like gravy) and the ultimate- pumpkin pie with a large spoonful of Cool Whip on top. (Note: Food with Cool Whip has been scientifically proven to be 67% better than food without Cool Whip.)

Like many, I’ve been thinking of the many things that I am thankful for.  I done it before on this blog, and I don’t think this list will be drastically different, but here goes.

Things I Am Thankful For

  1. God- Sure, it sounds trite.  But if God is the author, creator, and sustainer of life; if God created each of us in God’s image; if God sent Jesus, God’s Son, as a sacrifice to atone for my sin- then the very least I can do is to give thanks.  In fact, I should give God my life, my being, my all.
  2. Andrea-  My wife is such an amazing person.  She has so many talents and abilities that put mine to shame.  She is a great mother to Abbie, and has a heart for God and God’s people.  Our anniversary is in December and we’ll have been married for 9 years, and I can’t imagine life with her in it!
  3. Abbie– She is a 2 1/2 year old ball of energy and joy.  Some of the best nights we have as a family are when we stay at home and wrestle on the floor, or when Abbie hides and wants Daddy to find her.  Or better yet, when Abbie says her evening prayers and says, “Dear God, thank you for cookies and milk.”  Abbie has taught me a lot about myself and a lot about God.
  4. 42” LCD HD TV’s– Are you surprised that it is on the list?  If you attend Avenue, especially our Christmas Eve services- you know that I’ve wanted one for like 7 years.  We made the ultimate non-impulsive buy by waiting until our other TV deteriorated before actually making the purchase.  (Saving up money so we didn’t have to finance or purchase with credit helps too!)  Now Abbie gets to watch Dora in 1080p HD, just as TV was meant to be enjoyed. (although she only sees about an hour of TV a week!)
  5. Good Friends– Being in ministry is hard…and often it can be very lonely.  I am so thankful for good friends who love us for being Steve, Andrea, and Abbie and not the pastor and his family.  Thanks for busting on me, loving on Abbie, and being a listening ear for me and Andrea!
  6. The Bible– This might seem like an obvious answer on a list of Thanksgiving, but through my own study and the opportunity to teach a Bible Study (as opposed to a Book About the Bible Study) has really re-opened my love for God’s Word.
  7. America– Do we ever really stop to grasp the immense blessing that we have just by simply being born in America?  Even our poor are richer than the majority of the world.  Simply by having a refridgerator puts us among the richest people in the world.  While much of the world lives on $2 or less a day, we routinely pay $4 or more on a daily basis for coffee and milk.  We should count our blessings and use our blessings to bless those who are in need.
  8. Switchfoot, David Crowder Band, MuteMath, Thrice, etc…- I’m thankful for music that makes me think, that makes me sing, that turns my heart towards God and God’s people.  Plus listing these bands seemed more culturally acceptable for a 31 year old than listing Miley Cyrus.
  9. La Ortalana Pizza– You are not the best tasting pizza in town (Mama Maria’s in my opinion), you are not the worst pizza in town (Dominos takes the cake on that one), but you are simply the best deal for 2 slices of pizza at lunchtime.  Yes, I know that I could eat better than 2 slices of pizza for lunch- but if I would have to live on one meal for the rest of my life- I think it would be pizza. (Just not Dominos)
  10. Seminary– I have heard plenty of stories of pastors who could not stand their seminary experience.  I have heard stories of people practically losing their faith because of the seminary that they attend.  I am thankful that I’ve had a seminar experience that has stretched me while building up my faith.  

I hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving and that you take time to give God thanks and to thank those who matter the most to you!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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