Back From Vacation

Our family made our yearly summer trip to Pennsylvania to visit with my family. We stayed with my parents and spent lots of time with my sister and her two kids (Ava and Aiden). It was great to see everyone….and great to see the kids play together. Ava and Abbie are six months apart in age. (I’ll post a picture of them tomorrow where they look like twin sisters) We celebrated Abbie’s 2nd birthday with my family- which was a lot of fun.

The weather during the week was less than favorable. It was in the 60’s with rain for most of the week. The best day that we had was on Tuesday night, which allowed us to go see the Pirates take on the Cubs. This was Abbie’s 2nd Pirates game (the other in Philly last summer) and she loves going to the stadium. She cheered, clapped, and danced through the entire night. She was most captivated with the Pirate mascot that was working our section of the stadium. She wanted to know where the Pirate was at all times. By the way, the Pirates are 2-0 in games that Abbie attends! Here are some pictures from the game.

Here is a pic taken by a nice Cubs fan who sat beside us. On our way to the seat, I told Abbie to be nice to the poor Cubs fan b/c they had not won a World Series in 100 years.

Go Pirates! Abbie looks excited to see Andrew McCutchen play.

Here is Abbie, myself, and the Pirate. Abbie was completely enthralled with him. When we walked the stadium, she always looked for him.

I was excited to see Andrew McCutchen play.

‘Cutch and Delwyn Young run off the field after their 3-0 win.

The view in the stadium is awesome. The Roberto Clemente Bridge looks like it leads right into PNC Park.

Jack Wilson after he makes the 2nd out of the 9th inning.

After our time in Pennsylvania, we drove to New Jersey (Where it was in the 80’s) for my father-in-laws 60 birthday. I got to golf 36 holes where I hit the pin on a par 3, and had my most pars in a round ever (even a birdie). After golfing twice, I am going to have to find an excuse to go out again soon! I know I’ll golf three times in Colorado in a few weeks!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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