Wait…it’s 2009 already? I’m Going Back to Bed.

The month of December is over and 2009 is upon us. Somehow, I haven’t posted in several weeks. Here’s the latest.

It’s All Greek To Me
I started a month long Greek class on December 29th. That means I’m staying at the Logans for a week at a time and coming home on the weekends. Class hasn’t been too bad so far. I just take a class at a time. I must admit, it’s going way better than Spanish ever did!

Tolling The Bell
I got to read Rob Bell’s new book, Jesus Wants to Save Christians, during the week of Christmas. I really enjoyed it, and was challenged by it (in a good way). While I have written this before, I will try to post more on it later.

Lend Me Your Ear
Well, that’s what Abbie was saying anyway. She had a double ear infection over Christmas, which equals fun! (note the sarcasm dripping from that last phrase) I was spared as I was in class during the day. She seems to be on the mend as she hammed it up for the college students last night.

Among our staff at church, we’re beginning to dialogue about what it might look like to rethink church. It’s something I’ve been reading about. Bell’s book (mentioned aboved), N.T. Wright’s book “Surprised By Hope,” and so many others that are out right now talk about rethinking how we approach church, faith, christianity, etc. I have to admit that the more that I read and think, the more I believe that Jesus might not recognize Christianity in America. He might say, “What is this? This is not what I asked you to do!”

Certainly there are people and churches who are the hands and feet of Christ, but most of the time I feel that churches “do” ministry to satisfy themselves, rather than to reach out to those who have never heard, those who are poor/naked/hungry/etc. The problem is that Western American Christianity is so engrained into us, that it would take a monumental effort to break free from cultural Christianity and truly to pursue Christ…to love God and love our neighbor.

My prayer for myself, and for you, in 2009 is that you might ask God to help you Rethink your faith. What does it mean to be a Christian? To be a part of a worshipping community? What does it mean to love God and our neighbor. Maybe we can enter in a dialogue about what this might look like.

Many blessings to you in 2009!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor of Orchard Church in Magnolia, Delaware. Elder in the Pen-Del Conference.
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