Worship Resources

With my series on Worship coming to a close next week, I wanted to give a listing of some of the resources that have helped shape the series. This is a psuedo-bibliography. Don’t let my seminary professors see this because I won’t be formatting it correctly!

Books on Worship:

The Dangerous Act of Worship- Mark Labberton: This book really challenges the reader to put worship and social justice together. What good does it to worship God if we do not love and care for our neighbor? The first couple chapters are tough on churches, and rightfully so. We must move from consumer worship to worship that is centered around the things of God.

The Unquenchable Worshipper- Matt Redman: This is a small book with short chapters. Redman has written a couple books on worship since then, but none of them come close. This is just a great primer of what worship is supposed to be about. I’ve given out lots of copies of this book to people on the worship team.

Worship Matters- Bob Kauflin: I came across this book kinda randomly a few months ago, but it is a great guide to leading worship. Kauflin builds a theological foundation for worship, and then offers a lot of practical considerations for those who lead worship. I will be using this book with some students and worship team.

Songs Used During the Series:

There were two songs that were used during the series that I wanted to reference.

Sweetly Broken- Jeremy Riddle: This song appears on a Vineyard compilation CD of the same name. Powerful song. Go get it on iTunes right now.

Albertine- Brooke Fraser: Great song on a great CD. Brooke wrote and sings Hosanna on the Hillsong United CD’s and the videos are below. This CD is packed with songs that make you think, and done with great musicianship.

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Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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