Monday Morning Update: October 6, 2008

The Week That Was: This past week was pretty good overall. It was a pretty straight forward week until the weekend. This was our annual Fall Retreat. Because of attendance, we made some tweaks to the retreat, but overall it went really well. (honestly, better than I anticipated). Randy Chambers from FCA spoke at the retreat and really challenged us to surrender our lives to God. I believe it was a good weekend for the students that were there as well. On Sunday Night, we had some of our college students/young adults over for Bible Study and the Steeler game (with iCarly thrown in there for good measure)

Church Review: From what I heard, it went well. One of my students, Becky, led worship for us. From what I heard, she did a great job with limited resources (her guitar was the only instrument!).

Where I Am At the Moment: I’m at my office computer getting ready for a staff lunch at Applebees. Sweet.

On My To-Do List This Week: I have a three page paper that is stressing me out. It’s on the Trinity. It really shouldn’t be stressing me out, but I really want to get my paper done well. More for my own understanding than the grade. I am also getting ready for another retreat this upcoming weekend at Delanco Camp.

What Abbie is Up To This Week: I’m not really sure. I’ve been gone enough this week that I haven’t seen as much of Abbie as I would like to.

Book I am in the Midst Of: Even in the midst of seminary reading, I picked up Rob Bell’s new book Jesus Wants to Save Christians. I may start reading it this weekend.

Music That Caught My Attention This Week: I’m hoping to download Anberlin’s new CD today or tomorrow. They are one of my favorite bands.

How I Feel About this week: Coming off the retreat, I’m exhausted and cranky…hopefully that will change in a day or so.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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