Monday Morning Update- September 8, 2008

the weekend that was: I began back at seminary this past week. It was great to see some friends who I haven’t seen since May. Seminary is a combination of a lot of reading, decent discussions, and some good friends. The drive up to seminary was almost unbearable as my air conditioning does not work and it was over 90 degrees outside. It’s a 2 hour ride up to school!

Church Review: We had our fall kick-off services outside under a tent. This is our fourth year for doing it. We had a beautiful morning for the services even though Tropical Storm Hannah had just come through the day before. Earle started a four week series called “Journey of Faith” as we enter into our capital campaign. It all went pretty well.

where i am at the moment: I am at home when I should be working out at the gym. It is so hard to get to the gym and back on staff meeting days. I’ll be trying to get to the gym this afternoon.

On to-do list this week: I need to do some reading for school and finish a paper that is almost done. I also need to meet with some leaders who are taking over some new leadership positions in the church.

What Abbie is up to: Abbie is back to being silly. Her vocabulary is also growing. She is beginning to repeat more and more words. Some of them are hard to distinguish, but they are there. It’s pretty exciting.

book i’m in the midst of: I finished the John Marks book I’ve been working on and hope to put up a brief review about it later this week.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: I might drop this line. I hardly listen to new music anymore. My iPod rarely gets loaded with new music. (That’s because it’s full!)

How I feel about this week: I’m looking forward to the week. It should be a good one.

One word- School. Uggh.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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