Wishing for the Wave

Have you ever watched bikers when they pass each other on the road? They almost always exchange a wave. There are several variations to the wave. The most prominant that I have seen is down low (like you were signalling a left turn or something). While there may be some tough biker types who fail to wave at other bikers (or certain bikers), it seems that many do. It’s created a motorcycle community feel to share that wave. Even You Tube has a video(s) about the motorcycle wave.

I’m jealous.

I drive a 1999 Ford Escort. When another Ford Escort passes me on the road, no one waves at me. Where is the community, the fraternity, the family of Escort drivers. I mean, there is even an identical blue 1999 Escort in Milford. They never wave. Wouldn’t our world be a better place if we had more of a community feel?

  • The other day, I saw a guy on a Harley wave to someone on a scooter in front of me. Come on! It was a scooter, not a hog!
  • Even School Bus drivers get in on the action with a friendly wave to each other.
  • Owners of Jeeps know that the rest of us just would understand because it’s a Jeep Thing. Now that’s brotherhood.

So, for the sake of community- to make this world a better place; I am proposing that all owners of crappy cars begin saluting each other so that others can be envious of our community. The wave should look like this:

About Steve LaMotte

Husband and father of three amazing children. Campus Minister of Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. Pastor at Hope United Methodist Church in Dover, Delaware. Elder in the Pen-Del Conference. Fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers. Lover of music that makes hipsters cringe.
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One Response to Wishing for the Wave

  1. Joni&Ron says:

    haha – i like the new wave!yeah…I always laugh at the “tough” bikers that are “too good” to throw a wave out at passing motorcycles. Like you’re so much better! Sheesh!I think all of us in CARS should start waving at the BIKES! 🙂 Course, then we may have more bike wrecks…..

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