Mom, I’m Going to The Disco!

Last night, Andrea and I stopped in at the department store, Kohl’s to do a little fall shopping before school starts. We usually split up in stores like this because it takes too long to go around together. While I was cruising the men’s section, I was able to very easily hear some discussion between a mom and her late teen son. At first, the mom was asking if her son needed Bermuda shorts for band camp. The son, and myself, were quite confused on what Bermuda shorts were. This led me to get a little closer to see what she was talking about.
The kicker came later. I was up and down the section when I got close enough to hear them again when I heard the mom trying to convince her son about a certain style of shirt. This is the brief conversation that took place.
Mom: You’re going to be going to Washington D.C., you’ll need something nice.
Son: I already have some nice clothes.
Mom: You’re going to be in Washington, what if you go to a disco.
Son: I don’t go to discos.
Yep, 30 years after Saturday Night Fever, mom is still talking about discos. I wondered if the mom was European or something, but she was not…so there was no excuse for disco. The funny thing was is that she continued to try and convince her son to get the shirt saying:
Mom: “Come here and feel this. This is quality. This is a quality shirt.”
This has led me to a couple of observations.
  1. Mom’s should not pick out clothes for their late-teen sons: I don’t know how it works for mothers and daughters…but mom’s and son’s are pretty far apart on this. I can remember some battles with my mom over styles of shirts, jeans, etc. (“Mom, acid wash jeans are so 10 years ago!)
  2. Disco should be banned from our vocabulary: Yes, I panic when I hear the word disco. It brings up so many bad images of a brief time where leisure suits were accepted and everyone wanted to dance like John Travolta. Disco, as a music, should only be played for people coming out of a 30 year coma who need to be slowly reintroduced into the modern world of music.

For anyone interested, here is a daily dose of disco to save you from the genre.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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