Dolphin or Human?

So far in the Bejing Olympics, it has been the Michael Phelps show. It has been incredible to watch him win so many gold medals…and really, how many times can a world record be beaten? I believe since he began swimming internationally, one of the breaststroke times has been reduced by 4 seconds. That’s huge. Phelps is the real deal and has one more gold medals than any other athlete.

But what are the other stories of the Olympics? There have got to be some stories that will capture the hearts and imaginations of the United States (and the World). It seems as if NBC continually runs Phelps stories to make the sponsors happy. While I think what he has done is simply amazing, I want to hear the other stories.

Of the sports I’ve watched on the Olympics…

  1. Misty May and Carrie Walsh are simply machines in beach volleyball. I can’t imagine that they’ll lose the gold medal.
  2. The US woman’s polo team was fun to watch..even if they were ‘upset’ in a tie in pool play before the medal rounds. They’ll still advance (I think).
  3. Softball and Gymnastics have been on too late for me to watch, but I wish I could. (Each night, I hear Andrea complain about women’s gymnastics being on too late.) While I understand that they are showing some of the sports live, NBC executive should be given a 13 month old and see when the programming ought to start, even if it is taped.
  4. Are there no good stories coming out of the rifle competition or some other strange sport that is somehow in the Olympics?

The Olympics have had their share of other interesting stories….

  1. Age Issues: China’s women gymnast sure look small…and varying reports from their own media over the last year supposedly puts some of the girls as too young to compete by Olympic rules. If some of these girls are 14, what does it do to their mental makeup to have this much pressure on them…to know that the hopes of the country ride on their very slender shoulders?
  2. Gender Testing: I think this says enough.

One week is done, and we’ll watch the second week to see what new stories take place.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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