Josh Hamilton = Long Home Run

Last night was the home run derby during the All-Star showcase in New York at Yankee Stadium. If you were following sports, then you probably know there was a big to do about the major homerun hitters not participating in the event. A-Rod, Manny, Ryan Howard, and Griffey, Jr. all passed on the event.

It didn’t matter thanks to Josh Hamilton.

I had Abbie duty last night while Andrea went on a walk. Knowing that Hamilton was coming up to bat, I hurried through her meal, bath, and put her to bed. I was not disappointed. Josh Hamilton put on a show. While he didn’t win the final round…he still had more cumulative homes (by far) than Derby winner Justin Morneau.

This is a great story about redemption, second chances, and the transformation that happens when Christ is part of our lives. Josh Hamilton was the #1 draft pick in the country in 1999. After an injury that laid him up, he became addicted to alcohol and cocaine (or herion depending on the story you hear). Josh failed several drug test and was ultimately kicked out of baseball for three years. During the time away, Josh got help with the addictions and became a Christian. Once he got reinstated to baseball, he made the jump to the majors (after a 3 year layoff) and now is just mashing the ball like crazy- showing why he was the #1 draft pick.

Josh has an accountability partner who travels with the team. They eat together, pray together, and take part in Bible study together. In interviews, it seems apparent that Josh is genuine in the second chance that he has been given. It is one amazing story.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband and father of three amazing children. Campus Minister of Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. Pastor at Hope United Methodist Church in Dover, Delaware. Elder in the Pen-Del Conference. Fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers. Lover of music that makes hipsters cringe.
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