Welcome To Elementary School!

blog readability test

I found this program that rates the reading level on your blog. As you can see, the reading level I provide is much like the newspaper…on an elementary school level. I think I like it that way. It makes it easier for everyone else. Some who read this blog would have a difficult time if I used ‘transubstantiation’ or “hermeneutics”.

I finished my sermon this morning. I am taking a look at the slavery imagery that the New Testament uses in regards to our sin nature. Even in the midst of being a slave to sin, we sometimes allow sin to linger. I call this a Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is where an abductee begins to sympathize with their abductor. In the midst of this slavery to sin, we have become comfortable with our condition.

The answer to the problem is the grace of God. It is through Christ that we are more than conquerors because of God’s love and grace. It is possible to be set free from the penalty and the power of sin when we live each day in God’s grace.

On the family front, Abbie appears to be getting her next set of teeth. She’s been unusually cranky the last two days. Tonight, I could see what appears to be teeth ready to emerge from her gums. We didn’t get much sleep last night…I’m prepared not to get much tonight!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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