Morning Devotions

It’s been a long time since I’ve added to my running thoughts. Well over a month. Hopefully, I can get back in the habit.

This morning, I went to do my devotions before work. Honestly, I was conflicted because there was a movie I started to watch last night and didn’t get to see the ending to (although I’ve seen it before). The movie was on again this morning and it would end at just the right time for me to come into the office. Devotions vs. Movie…what did I do?

I watched the movie. It was Contact starring Jodie Foster. A movie, based on a Carl Sagon book, that probes the possibility of E.T. life in our universe. As I watched the movie, it became clear that this story was more than just aliens and space. It is about faith.

Jodie Foster’s character meets Matthew Maconnahey’s character and they have an instant connection (I can’t remember character names to save my life!) M.M.’s character used to study for the priesthood, but couldn’t handle celibacy…but he is still in touch with Faith, with God, and seeking the truth. J.F.’s character cannot believe how M.M. believes in God because, as she sees, there is no empiracal evidence.

The twist comes when J.F. enters the craft that the aliens have sent instructions to build. What happens is that she is transported through wormholes to a galaxy 26 light years away. She encounters an alien, who appears in the form of her father, who lets her know that this is just the first contact…and that this is how it has been done for billions of years.

When J.F. returns to earth, no one believes her b/c no one saw the craft leave. Her recording equipment malfunctioned so there is no evidence of what happened. Yet in irony, J.F. speaks of faith, speaks of being apart of something bigger, that we’re not alone, and that her experience without any evidence was enough to convince her.

What evidence do we have of God? Certainly, we can look at the sunsets, the ocean, even the galaxy and see God’s fingerprints everywhere. Even still, it is a matter of faith, faith in the unseen. Faith in a God who is here with us, moving in our lives.

While I didn’t read my Bible this morning, or pray, God really opened my eyes through the movie about faith.

Father God, give me faith to trust you when you are unseen, when things get tough and my heart is full of doubt. Help me to have faith that your love is the only cure for what ails our world. Amen.

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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