Get Your Serve On!

It’s already July, which means the mission team is back from their trip to Tennessee. Along with the fun, excitement, and work, I believe that God did some great work in our students and leaders lives. Each of the three worksites we were at were unique and offered many different lessons. One worksite lesson stands out.
At one of our sites, the homeowner was rarely, maybe never, at her house. As our students and adults worked to improve her living conditions, there was no one to interact with, no one to get to know. The crew at the site did an incredible amount of work at this site to help this woman out, yet there was no one share it with.
Which leads to a very important question in our faith: “Are we able to serve when no one is looking?” This is really a question of motivation. What motivates us to serve? To help out around the house? To reach out to the unloved? Is it an allowance? Is it the words of gratitude that the homeowner or parents might say? Do we serve hoping that someone will notice our good works?
We are called to serve. Period. We are called to be like Christ, who humbled himself to be a servant. Picture the Son of God on his knees washing our feet. Why? Not because of money, or attention, or status…but because of love.
Throughout July, are you willing to serve when no one is looking? Can you bless others without worrying whether you’ll receive a blessing? Let’s get our serve on!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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