Contemplating the Rain

It’s raining here in Delaware today…raining like crazy. Which is fine, other than it is my day off. I had big plans for the day…let’s just say they’ve been washed out!

Tomorrow I am taking out mission trip team to the Ropes Course at a local camp. We are going to be doing some team building…and confronting our comfort zone. The afternoon will be spent harnessed in forty feet in the air! Pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how different people react.

Working with teens can be frustrating. As a youth pastor, you work hard to create space where they can 1) Experience God’s love and grace, 2) Make choices that reflect what God has done in their life. What is really frustrating is when you see those teens throw aside their experiences and things they’ve learned for something fleeting. I know I did it as a teen to a certain extent. But I also knew that I was chooses something other than what God wanted and wrestled with what kind of life I would live. Would I live it my way? Or Would I live it God’s way? I struggled with that as a teen (and still do in a different way as an adult). I wonder if our teens ever think about that. *Sigh* Sometimes it sucks to be a youth pastor.

By the way…does anyone actually read this? Just curious!

Until a brighter, sunnier day…Blessings!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, Delaware.
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