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CD Review- Jars of Clay (The Long Fall Back to Earth)

Has it really been 14 years since the Jars of Clay song “Flood” flooded the airwaves? I can remember as a 16 year old hearing that song on the radio and then purchasing the single cassette (you read right, a … Continue reading

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The CD Is In The Mail

Finally! The CD that our worship team recorded is in the mail to have the cover work designed and the duplication/packaging done! It has been a long process (Started in February). Still, I listened to it for the first time … Continue reading

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CD/Artist That Impacted My Life (pt. 3)

It’s been awhile since I’ve continued this series on CD’s and artist that have been influential in my life. This post- The O.C. Supertones. I first heard the Supertones at The Mustard Seed Jam House in my hometown of PA. … Continue reading

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CD’s/Artist That Impacted My Life (Pt. 2)

So it’s time for part 2 of my blog series on CD’s/Artist that made an impact on my life. We’re still not out of the cheesey period that was 80’s/90’s Christian Music. And yeah, some of this is cheesey, but … Continue reading

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CD/Artist That Impacted My Life (Pt.1)

So I was going through my iTunes collections and searching the store for some music from the past when I thought it would be fun to do a series of post on CD’s and Artist that impacted my life and … Continue reading

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