A Long Day With Postive Results

Yesterday (11/19), Caleb received his long-awaited hearing test at Children’s Hospital​ of Pennsylvania (CHOP). Knowing that he has microtia of his right ear, and concerned that he has diminished hearing in his “good” ear because of fluid, we had been anxious to have this appointment and to begin mapping out what the future might look like when it comes to Caleb’s hearing.

When I say it was a long day, that is the feedback from Andrea because I stayed home with the other kids! Caleb’s day began at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. but quickly was delayed because he was coughing and sounding congested (even though his lungs are clear). This hearing test, a Sedated ABR, required Caleb to be sedated. Through some consultation with other doctors, they decided that they could move forward with the procedure with some changes to the sedation- which would push back the procedure until 1:00 p.m.

Since there is sedation involved, there is also fasting involved. This meant that Caleb, who had not eaten since dinner time the night before, was going to have to fast for another five hours. Maybe more importantly, this meant that Andrea would have to continue to go without food. Have you seen the Snickers commercial with Betty White???? Well, then, you get the idea.

Ultimately, Caleb had the hearing test and Andrea had a really good conversation with the doctors there. We had some good results.

1. Caleb has full hearing in his good ear. Let me say that again- Caleb has full hearing in his good ear!

When we first saw his file from China, there was no guarantee that he had​ any hearing in his good ear. Our prayer was that his good ear would be fully functional. Over the last six months, it has become increasingly clear that he can hear pretty well. This was good to hear! Praise God for healing and provision because one good ear is better than none!

2. We have options for hearing aids​ but don’t need to make a decision today. Caleb is developing his speech by leaps and bounds (which is indicative of his hearing ability). We have to remember that he has only been in America and English speakers for about six months. His vocabulary and enunciation are​ really good when you keep that (along with being hard of hearing) in mind. We have a lot of reading and research to do on our own to see what will best help Caleb.

The day at the doctors reminded us of some other things about Caleb. He is an amazingly happy and patient little boy. We are daily amazed at the love and the kindness that he shares with our family and with others. As we approach Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful to God for Caleb, for the healing that has already taken place in his life and how he completes our family!

About Steve LaMotte

Husband of Andrea and father of four amazing children. Pastor of Orchard Church in Magnolia, Delaware. Elder in the Pen-Del Conference.
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